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Let me take you to HOLY MASS

A special recording of the Holy Mass
St. Georges Roman Catholic Church
Wednesday 20th June 2007

This recording is made with you in the congregation and facing the altar
as if you were really there
so that you can attend daily mass,
even if you are no longer able to get there.

It has been made especially with you in mind
and all the people who through illness, age, infirmity or housebound cannot get to Holy Mass and would dearly love to go.

I am sure you will know and be able to sing the beautiful hymns that have been sung by the church down through the ages

Entrance hymn - Hail, Queen of Heaven (John Lingard)

Communion hymn - Soul of my Saviour ( John XX11)

Final Hymn - Faith of Our Fathers ( Frederick William Faber)

The making of this dvd/video has been an uplifting and spiritual experience for me and I hope it proves so for you as well
God Bless - Robert A.Quick

P.S. Dont forget to look out for the bonus footage at the end of the dvd

" Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament"

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The Catholic Church sees the Roman Catholic Mass as the most perfect way it has to offer latria (adoration) to God.

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